• General Rules and Expectations
    1. Shirts must stay tucked in; no sagging
    2. No borrowing or sharing student PE clothes
    3. Food, drinks, candy and gum are not permitted in locker room.
    4. No running or horseplay in the locker room.
    5. Dress quickly and report to your assigned area for roll call.
    6. Do not throw objects in the locker room.
    7. Be RESPONSIBLE for your actions and speech.
    8. Stay out of shower areas.
    9. Never enter the coach’s office.
    10. Sprays (Axe or Perfume) are not allowed.
    11. No glass allowed (bottles or locker mirrors)
    12. DO NOT STEAL from another persons locker.
    13. NO JEWELRY (watches, earrings, rings, etc)
Last Modified on August 16, 2011