• Grading Policy
    Physical Education grades will be based on the following three areas:
         1. Class participation -
             Students are required to  participate daily in class activities.  If a student is absent,
             participation in class  activities is impossible.   It is the responsibility of the Absent students
             to ask for make-up assignments.
         2. Effort
             Giving 100% of their ability 
         3. Sportsmanship -
             Ability to work with and encourage others
    Make Up Work
    Please click on the following link (Make Up Questions) to see a PDF copy of our department Make Up Questions.  Students can choose questions to make up work for days that they were absent.  There is a point value assigned to the questions.  Students can not turn in extra points, these assignments are for missed days in PE class. 
    Students are responsible for their own make up work. 

Last Modified on August 18, 2010