• Locker Room Policy
    Each student will be issued a lock and a locker for the year.  The staff at AIS takes every precaution to prevent the loss of clothing or valuables, however we are not  responsible for lost or stolen items. 
    Here are specific rules we tell students regarding  the use of locks and lockers:
         1. Do not share locker combinations.
         2. Only use your assigned locker—Do not switch or share your locker with another student.
         3. Make sure your lock is locked on your locker before leaving the locker room.
         4. Never place your lock on the bench or ground
    If a student has a problem with their lock or locker they should speak with a PE teacher  immediately.
    Students who lose or do not turn in their lock at the end of the school year will be issued an obligation slip for $5.00
Last Modified on August 2, 2010