• Hi Parents!

    I hope that you are enjoying the new ParentConnect Portal and are finding a wealth of information concerning your child's progress in their classes.

    I wanted to explain how I use my grade book and how you can understand what the different grades mean.

    I do not have due dates for student work. They will work at their own pace. If an assignment is not done properly, I will give students opportunities to correct their work.

    On a regular basis, I will let students know where I think they should be in their assignments. My grade book generally reflects where students should be. If a student has turned in an assignment and it is completed correctly, they will get a point value with no "Count as" comment.

    However, If a student still has not completed the assignment correctly, there will be a grade for full credit, but a "Count as" mark of Missing Assignment. That Missing Assignment mark means the assignment has a score of 50%.

    As students complete work, they get points for completing tasks. However, as they fall behind, they start to get percentages taken off of their grade. You may see a "Count As" score of 3/4 Effort or Minimal Effort depending on how far behind they are. If this is the case with your student, please encourage them to work harder and get tasks completed. 
    Students are allowed to and encouraged to redo work that isn't done properly the first time. Students are given as many opportunities as needed to do work well. Until the student scores at least a B on an assignment, they will be allowed to redo it.