• I'm from Riverside. Been living locally since I was born.


    Schools I went to include:

    John Adams Elementary School in Riverside
    Vista Height Middle School in Moreno Valley
    Canyon Springs High School in Moreno Valley
    University of California, Riverside to receive my BA in Music (See "Mr. Hundley's Instrumental History" page for details)

    California Baptist University in Riverside to get my credential to teach along with an Masters in Education.


    I've been married since June, 2004 to my understanding wife (teaching music takes a lot of extra time!)
    Me and the Wife

    In 2007 we had our first baby. My daughter is 3 1/2 in this picture (2010), going on 16 years old.
    My daughter

    Lastly, in 2009 we had our first son. He is 11 months in this picture (Sept. 30, 2010). That's my boy!
    My son

    My family is more important than anything. I apologize in advance if I am absent for family matters. I love teaching, but family has to come first for me!
    The fam

    Besides music, I happen to be proficient at a few things, one of which is the ancient art of hacky sack!! Thought that would be important information to share. :)