• Weekly PE Schedule
    Every day begins with a .4 mile jog.  Students will have 5 minutes to pass this lap for the first two months of school.  Beginning in October, the time is dropped to 4:30.  This time has proven to be challenging, yet attainable for all Auburndale Students. Fastest students typically complete the time in 2:20 range. 
    After our warm up jog, students collectively complete a routine of stretching all major muscle groups for best practices in activity performance and prevention of injury.  Following the jog and stretch routine, our days will follow as stated below:
    Monday :: Weight Room Day (Circuit Training and Fitness)
    Tuesday :: Walking Day- complete a minimum of 1 mile walking and maximum of 2 miles
    Wednesday :: Activity Day (Football, Basketball, Soccer, wave boards, etc )
    Thursday :: Running Day- Timed mile- Students must complete the cross country mile in under 11 minutes
    Friday :: Activity Day (Football, Basketball, Soccer, wave boards, etc)
    Additionally, students must dress out for activity and not loiter in the locker rooms