• Integrated Math 1

    Course Requirements



                I have high expectations for all students who walk through my door. The goal while in my math class is for everyone to be successful. It is necessary for all students to put forth their very best effort and exhibit a high level of respect and self-discipline in class everyday. This will promote and foster a positive place where all students can work to their fullest potential.


    Classroom Rules:                                                                              Supplies:

    1. Follow all school rules-student code of conduct                 One math spiral notebook (Every Trimester)

    2. Gum, candy, and food are not allowed                                Sharpened pencils/Mechanical Pencils

    3. Positively contribute to the learning environment each day           Red Pen (used for corrections only)

    Workbook, Colored Pencils, Compass,    Protractor, Calculator(square roots),                                    

    Tutorials (After School Tutoring/Homework Club):

                Due to budget constraints there are no late busses.  I will stay late for any student who needs extra help.  Please have your student inform me they will stay late.  Students must get their own transportation home.  I also arrive on campus at 7:00 am, please inform me the previous day if you will come early.



     40% Homework: Students receive a daily grade from 1-20

     20% Quizzes: Student will receive quizzes periodically throughout the units

     10% Projects:  Students be assigned various Chapter projects

     30% - Tests: Students will be give various Chapter tests                 


    Make-up Work Policy:

                Students will be allowed to make-up homework for all absences. Students have the same number of days to complete and turn in any missing homework. It is the student’s responsibility to check what homework they have missed while absent. Missing homework assignments will be posted on the wall weekly. Homework is also posted daily on my teacher  page at http://www.cnusd.k12.ca.us/site/default.aspx?domainid=1903 .


    Dear Parent/Guardian:

                We want your child to have a successful year in Integrated Math 1. We are counting on you to make sure your child is doing the homework daily and is signing the student planner every night. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the school at: 951-736-3231 or e-mail dpelletier@cnusd.k12.ca.us.



    David A. Pelletier

    Math 8, Math 180, Integrated Math 1