US History Course Syllabus: Gen Ed

Welcome to 8th grade US History! Here is an outline on how to succeed this school year.
Instructor: Mrs. Kirchhoff
Course Overview: US History

Required Materials:

*Your textbook: HOLT United States History (you are provided a copy to use at home)


*Supplies: 1.5" Hard cover 3 Ring Binder to be left in class, pencils, pens (black or blue only), 3 highliters (pink, yellow, green), colored pencils, tape

Suggested: glue stick, markers, scissors



*These are outlined in detail on my procedures page. Please refer to student copy to be kept in US History Binder.


All grading is done on a points system. Points are assigned and the points earned are what determine the percentage (according to the grading scale).  No assignment or test is more important than another-DO ALL OF YOUR WORK! EARN THOSE POINTS!







*Current grades are posted to "Q" each week on Friday's.*Parents-you can check your students grade at any time via ParentConnect. *Don't forget: Parent grade check is every 3 weeks!


Make-up/Late work/Retakes: All students are required to complete all assignments. Students are responsible for getting make-up/late work from student station. Absences have a 1 for 1 policy (each day gone =one day to make up work for full credit). Latework is automatically 10% off per day late. No show work will be “ZAPPED”. Retakesfor D/F tests must happen within 1 week of original test. See me for arrangements.


Discipline Policy:

I believe that every student can learn. I am here to facilitate that learning. In order for that to happen, we must have mutual respect and safety in the classroom. Please refer to my procedure list for specific policies and class rules. Consequences range due to student behavior, however they will include (but are not limited to):

  • Warning/Reminders
  • Behavior Log/Letter
  • Parent phone call home (either from your student or myself)
  • Detention (lunch/after school)
  • Saturday School/ACP Placement
  • Referral to administration


Contacting the Instructor:

*Please email (if possible!) at:  

This is the best (and fastest) way in which to contact me. You can also call the school and leave a voicemail. Please note: I am not available to talk to you on the phone during class hours (7:40am-2:23). I will return your phone call in a timely manner.



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