Classroom Procedures and Consequences

Entering Class

Come into class quietly and retrieve History Binder. Get HW & Planner out.

Consequence: Go out and try again!


Are not acceptable!

On time is in the room, in your seat!

Consequence: Warning, detention, referral


Look at Agenda posted on Board. Write CW and HW in planner.

Consequence: Possible loss of points at planner check


It’s you job to get your missing work from the student station. 1day for 1day policy for absences. (Past that, it’s 10% off each day and you STILL have to do the work!)

Late Work

You MUST complete EVERY assignment.

Consequence: You will be deducted 10%  each day the assignment is late. Failure to turn work in =ZAPPED!

(Plus, I’ll just keep buggin’ ya!)

RR passes

Each student has 4 (count ‘em! 4!) passes to use each trimester. Use them wisely!

Consequence: detention

Noise Level

Please follow the noise level charts that I post on the front white board. No Talking while I am instructing-it just saves every one time! Trust me!


Behavior Chart/detention



You may ask me o sharpen your pencil as long as I'm not talking. You may borrow an extra pencil from me-just leave your ID card in exchange.

Consequence: Phone call home for no supplies.


If you are absent, check in the organizer on the book shelf for the day that you were gone. Please write "ABSENT" on the work. Do not turn in to the tray-hand it to me directly.

Dress Code

I expect you to follow ALL school rules regarding dress code. That goes for hats, hoods, beanies, etc.

Consequence: sent to office for student/parent pickup

Cell phones

Cell phones must be turned OFF and out of sight! No texting!!!!

Consequence: 1st: reminder 2nd: sent to office for student pickup 3rd: sent to office for parent pickup


It’s not a BBall hoop! Please make sure your trash makes it into the can…but NOT when I’m talking. RECYCLE your water bottles. And, be quick about it!

Consequence: Behavior chart, detention


Clean up your desk and area. Everyone must be seated for dismissal. The bell doesn’t dismiss you, I do!

Class Rules

1)      Use inside voices

2)      Raise your hand to talk

3)      Follow directions quickly

4)      Make smart choices

5)      Work Hard

6)      Be Nice!


Warning, detention (lunch or after school), Behavior chart, parent phone call, Saturday School, ACP, Office Referral

*The consequence depends on YOUR behavior!



All of your work must be in your own words. Copying will not be permitted!

Work must be redone, phone call home, deduction in points, Office referral. (All of these consequences-I take this VERY seriously).





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