personal philosophyMy Personal Philosophy


    Hello, thank you for visiting my web page.  I'm Mrs. Maria Macabales, math teacher in 8th grade.  I have been with Auburndale since 2003.


    Before I became a teacher,  I had a college degree in economics.  With this training, I worked as an administrative assistant,  research analyst and business manager for many years.  I have always enjoyed interacting with and managing people but did not realize that I had a passion for teaching until I volunteered in my children's elementary school.  My service as a parent volunteer was an eye opener for me since I found deep joy and fulfillment in seeing young minds benefit from my input.  It was then that I decided to make a monumental career change and went back to school to get a teaching credential.  It was a decision that I have never regretted. 


    I am truly passionate about the power of education. With education, everyone can build a powerful foundation for a successful and productive future.  It is a guiding philosophy that I, together with my husband, have inculcated in our own two children from a very young age.  I am proud to say that my passion for education has "rubbed off" on my daughter and son who had excellent academic careers and are both now gainfully employed in their respective fields of expertise.


    I have also faithfully shared this philosophy with all my students.  I believe that every student has the ability to be a "success story".  I always remind them that they should only compete with themselves so they can discover their personal best and therefore, find their own greatness and their own fulfillment.  It does not matter to me how they did in the past. It only matters how they'll do this year and where they'll go in the future.


    There are many opportunities to shine and show your greatness in my class.  I am very generous with student rewards, both tangible and intangible, since I truly value student effort.  I give well dones for many reasons.  I give roles of responsibility in the classroom by assigning weekly helpers and table captains. I recognize Math Stars (students with As) and Most Improved Students at the end of every trimester to motivate students to push themselves to do their best.  Therefore, I have high expectations from my students to take ownership of their progress.  In the process, I hope to strengthen their sense of responsibility and reinforce accountability for their actions. I also expect everyone to extend respect to myself, their peers and to themselves to foster a positive, productive learning environment in my classroom.  Disciplinary consequences are implemented as a last resort when all preventive measures have not been successful.


    I'm really looking forward to sharing this schoolyear with you.  I will do my best to help my students succeed and am confident that I will witness many success stories this year.  I firmly believe that every student can indeed find his/her own greatness.  Once they do, there is no limit to the possibilities!!!