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    My “Catch 22” Challenge to Parents*

    Middle school can be a challenging time for both parents and children.  There are many physical, emotional, mental and social pressures on our teenagers. We, as parents, may get really busy with our jobs and taking care of our families’ many needs. Spending time together is oftentimes difficult or simply taken for granted.


    So why not make a conscious effort to connect with our children everyday? I would like to propose a “Catch 22” challenge to all parents!!!!  Let us “catch” at least 22 minutes of quality, one-on-one time with our children every day – reading, talking or simply “hanging out” doing whatever you both enjoy.  It’s very important to stay connected to our teenagers and find out what’s going on with their lives. It can really make a big difference to our relationship with our children!!!


    Twenty-two minutes daily may not seem a lot but it is higher than the national average of family time of thirty minutes a week!!!


    So how about it, parents? Are you up for the challenge????




    *Inspired by Dr. Robert Ramsey, “501 Tips for Teachers”