• Helpful Websites

    There are many different websites that will help your child be successful. To help sort them out, the following websites are ones that I find most helpful for my students when completing their homework or looking for ways to build skills that will help them be more successful in the future.  Please click on the logos below to access the following websites. 

    Pearson SuccessNet
    site contains our online textbooks and the PH online essay scorer which our students use in school.  Each student has an account where their language arts and science books can be found.


    This site contains is very helpful with vocabulary.  It has many different methods to help you study and take practice tests.  
    This site is sponsored by the Corona Public library and provides online tutoring and skill building sections.  It is very helpful.  You will need to download some software from their site. 
    Education Place
    Graphic Organizers are a great way to arrange your thoughts.  The following website offers an endless amount of choices to help with classroom projects.