• Grading Policy


    In addition to the standard grade scale:
    ·         100-90 A
    ·         89-80 B
    ·         79-80 C
    ·         69-60 D
    ·         59 or below F
    You may want to know that grades are based on how well you do in each of these categories (as outlined in the Common Core State Standards):
    ·         Reading  Fiction (16.6%) 
        ·     Reading  Non-Fiction (16.6%)
    ·         Writing (16.6%)
    ·         Language Conventions (Grammar) (16.6%)
    ·         Listening and Speaking (16.6%)
         *        ASSESSMENTS (16.6%) 
    All classwork, homework, quizzes, projects, etc. will fall into one of those categories to help make up your overall grade in the class.


    All grades can be viewed on Zangle via Student Connect and Parent Connect. 

    Absent work: Students have as many days as they were absent to complete missing "daily" assignments. Projects that span over several weeks must be turned in due date regardless of absences. Assignments turned in after the allotted time will be considered late.
    Late work: Work turned in after the due date will be accepted for partial credit until the last week of each quarter.
    Missing assignments: Zeroes are not permitted. After 2 weeks, students with zeroes may be placed in Lunch Academy or Saturday School to complete the missing assignments. They will be view as "I" or incomplete in the gradebook.