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    You will need to purchase 1 yard of material (Joanns off McKinley or Hobby Lobby off Hidden Valley) and we will take notes on how to do the steps to create an apron for the class. (Ironing skills will be shown during this time) The students will need to complete an apron BEFORE they are allowed to cook in class.
    Apron Reflection - Write a two paragraph paper on the steps of creating your apron and likes and dislikes for the project.
    RAP         THE RAP
    This is a 2 part eye hand coordination task. The first one (20 points)- we will be using yarn to figure out the pattern. Once the student understands the pattern and comfortable with the task, they will move on to the second (30 Points) bracelet. This one is made out of Cross stitch thread (smaller) it needs to be pulled tight and show a pattern through out the bracelet.
    Directions - Yarn A Yarn B Yarn C
    A goes over B pull up then A goes over C pull up (A will end on the right hand side)
    B goes over C pull up then B goes over A pull up (B will end on the right hand side)
    C goes over A pull up then C goes over B pull up (C will end on the right hand side)

    Back to the beg. Repeat pattern..... AB AC BC BA CA CB .....
    Creature -
    The students will draw a creature with 4 details and get it approved by the teacher (Stamped). Next step is to pin the pattern to 2 pieces of material (good side to good side) and then cut it out. Add the details (mouth, nose, scars, etc) to ONE side of the material. Once you are done with the details, sew both pieces together (Good to good) leaving a small hole. Flip the creature inside out and then stuff. Sew the creature shut. (See the teacher for directions).

    100 points
    4 Letters or more (allowed to add a design or a border as a letter) Perfer the use of your name.
    MUST follow the pattern that was given to you in class.
    Allowed to use ANY color. (If you have sewing thread at home and you are falling behind....use it!!!)

    The student will follow pattern to design a yarn coaster. They will be provided with material as well as the needle (class time only). If your child is absent or falling behind they can go to the website at the bottom and get their character and continue to work  at home (Walmart and Joanns carries the canvas needles) . This assignment is a lot like the cross stitch, with out making the "X" The students should be able to finish this project with ease. (And class time)
     FLOUR BABIES - You child will baby sit a flour kid for an entire week. We are in the middle of the child development unit. Please see the attached paper in order to make the child correctly to earn points. HOW to make the flour baby 
    Rubric for the project RUBRIC