• 7th Grade ART – Mrs. Sum

    Welcome to 7th Grade Art!  During this semester-long course, students will develop a basic understanding of the elements and principles of art while experimenting with a variety of art materials and techniques.  Students will also study various artists and their contributions to art and society.  7th Grade Art is geared toward all levels of students to encourage them and challenge their creative endeavors.  My goal is that each student will have a memorable and positive experience in the arts.

    Student Expectations:  All assignments will be evaluated using the 5 C’s:

    1.      Content – the effort demonstrated in the completed project

    2.      Completeness- adhering to deadlines and following specific directions

    3.      Craftsmanship- neat, clean work

    4.      Creativity- overall use of YOUR original ideas

    5.      Composition- overall quality of work

    Grading:  Grades are accumulated and averaged based on the quality of work presented. 

    Grades will be constructed using a simple average of points as follows:    A= 100-90  B= 89-80  C=79-70  D=69-60  F=59 and below

    Class Rules:   Students who do not follow these guidelines will lose citizenship points and may receive a detention.

    1.                    Enter class quietly and on time.

    2.                     Bring all materials to class.    

    3.                     No gum, candy, food or drink is allowed (except water bottles).

    4.                     Respect others and their property.  Treat school property responsibly.

    5.                     Inappropriate items --- leave at home:  permanent markers, liquid white-out.

    6.                     Students who are out of dress code will be sent to the office.

    7.                     Follow safety rules.

    8.                     Use appropriate language.

    9.                     Clean up after yourself!    

    Lab Fee While we do have a small art budget, which covers the costs of basic art supplies such as drawing paper and pencils, it is not enough to provide students with a diversity of quality materials.  As a result, there is a $5.00 lab fee for 7th Grade Art.  The money allows us to buy paint, clay, and other necessary supplies.  This lab fee will cover your activities for the 18 weeks you are in my class.  With this $5.00 lab fee, students will create a variety of art projects. Students are able to take their projects home after they complete them in class, unless their project is on display at Citrus Hills or at the district office.  If you are unable to provide the $5.00 lab fee, you will still participate in all class activities and have access to all supplies.  The lab fee is in no way associated with your grade.