• Mrs. Landrum, Director of Choirs

    Citrus Hills Intermediate School

    3211 South Main Street

    Corona, California 92882

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    Welcome to Choir!


    ·       GOALS FOR THE YEAR

    1.      To learn all we can about music and to become the finest and most knowledgeable musicians possible.

    2.    To understand and experience the joy of being part of a performing musical ensemble. This includes understanding and embracing the roles of teamwork and commitment in choir.

    3.    To have fun! Music (and especially singing) is enjoyable. The information in this handbook will help all choir students to have a fun experience singing this year.

    ·      IMPORTANT!!!

    Because of our goal of commitment and teamwork, we need consistency in our singers.  Therefore, choir is a year-long class. Students will not be permitted to leave choir class mid-year.


    Rehearsals will continue while you are off track. Although attendance is    not mandatory, it is highly recommended. Singing in choir is a true team effort. Every time you are absent from rehearsal, it affects the entire group’s potential for reaching our highest goals. Those who attend rehearsals while off track will receive extra credit daily participation points. When you attend a rehearsal off track, please follow these guidelines:

    ·        You must sign in and out at the main office. You must obtain a visitor sticker. You may only enter and leave campus through the main office.

    ·        You may only stay on campus for one choir period.

    Performance Attire

    You are required to wear the following outfit for all choir performances this year:

    ·       Black dress pants (not jeans or navy blue or faded black pants). Pants must be full length. No skirts.

    ·       Black socks and black dress shoes (no tennis shoes/sneakers or flip flops).

    ·       We will be wearing matching shirts for all of our performances this year. Ordering information will come home shortly!

    Attire must adhere to the school dress code.  Remember that while you are wearing this outfit, you are representing our choir, school, and community:  look your best!  No student will be permitted to perform without the proper concert attire.  Any student missing a concert due to inappropriate attire will have his or her grade lowered as described in the grading policy covering an unexcused absence from a performance.


    ***If in doubt about your outfit, show it to Mrs. Landrum***


    Our primary goal in choir class is to learn about music.  Any behavior that distracts from or interferes with this learning process will not be permitted.  Class rules are as follows:

    ·        Absolutely no gum, food, or drinks in class at any time.

    ·        If you have a question or comment, raise your hand and wait for Mrs. Landrum to call on you.

    ·        Be on the risers and ready to sing when the bell rings.

    ·        Respect others’ personal space.  In other words, keep hands, feet, and negative comments to yourself at all times.

    Infractions of the rules and/or disruptions of the class will result in an

    attempt to adjust your behavior.  Depending upon the severity of the problem, Mrs. Landrum may:

    ·        Assign a lunch or after school detention.

    ·        Write or call home to discuss the problem with a parent/guardian.

    ·        Refer to an administrator for more severe disciplinary action.

    If the situation continues to be a problem, you may not be permitted to participate with the choir during rehearsal or performance – seriously affecting your grade.

            You should understand that Mrs. Landrum and the administration will make every effort possible to help you adjust your behavior.  It is the goal of Mrs. Landrum to help each student be as successful as possible in the choir program.  However, when the attention required by a single student infringes upon the learning experience of the group, the individual student will have to be removed from the class for the good of the other students.

            As a member of Citrus Hills Intermediate School Choir, you are representing yourself, your choir, your school, the district, and the community at all times, so keep your behavior at its very best.  Remember:  we are all here to learn about music and have a great time.  Having a positive attitude will only enhance your experience, both in choir and in your other classes.









    Performances and After School Rehearsals

    (about 4 per year; grade is based upon arriving on time [“call time”], dressing appropriately, behaving appropriately while on stage and in the audience, and staying for the entire concert or rehearsal – if a student cannot attend a concert or rehearsal for an excused reason, a makeup assignment will be available to earn the performance points). Off track students are not required to attend concerts and rehearsals but will receive extra credit if they participate.


    Daily Behavior/Participation

    (points are earned during every class; grade is based upon following the class rules and actively participating in all class activities).


    Written Work

    (this includes reviews of concerts, music theory assignments, as well as other worksheets that may be assigned throughout the year)



    Keyboard Lab

    (about once or twice a week, we will be using the keyboard lab, where students will use this fun technology to learn more about music)









    ***There will be approximately one concert and two after school rehearsals per trimester. We will also be taking a field trip during the 2nd trimester and possibly one during the 3rd trimester. Dates for


     the second and third trimester activities will be given at the beginning of each trimester.***




Last Modified on December 28, 2017