• Sneak Peak: First Day of School Letter



    Dear Parent/Guardian,


                The 6thgrade teachers would like to welcome you to the 2017-2018 school year.  El Cerrito Middle School’s goal is to educate each student in each subject area according to academic standards established by the state of California and adopted by the Corona-Norco Unified School District.  We are looking forward to working with you in assuring that your child meets or exceeds our demanding and high expectations.  Any time you have a question regarding your child’s grade, behavior, or any other matter, please feel free to email us or call us at (951) 736-3216.



    The following materials are necessary for each student to experience a successful 2017-2018 school year. Without these materials, students will not be able to complete classwork and/or homework, thus leading to an unsuccessful academic experience.  We are asking for your help in this area by checking your child’s backpack and notebook to make sure your child is organized, prepared for school, and has completed all homework for the following school day.  Please make sure that all materials are present every day.


    • Pencil pouch
    • At least 2 pencils (one non-mechanical)
    • Extra lead for mechanical pencils (if student has a mechanical pencil)
    • At least 3 pens (2 that are dark blue or black, 1 red)
    • 3-ring binder
    • 5 subject sprial notebook
    • 3 composition books (college ruled)
    • highlighters (3 different colors)
    • ruler
    • 7 subject dividers with pockets
    • Post-it notes
    • index cards
    • Copy Paper, glue sticks, & whiteboard markers (donations to class) 

    The binders could be organized in the following order:
    • Front cover
    • Pencil pouch with pencils, pens, colored pencils, and markers
    • Homework planner (school will provide)
    • Homework folder
    • Subject divider for each class or teacher, labeled
    • Notes, worksheets, and saved papers for each subject in the correct section
    • Blank paper
    • Folder for returned student work


    After-School Tutorials:

    After-school tutorials will be held Mondays & Thursdays until 3:15.  Students may use this time to work on homework or get additional help from the teachers.  At least one, if not all, of the teachers will be available during this time. Transportation must be arranged by parents, as the school does not have late busses.



    Academic Expectations


    Homework Policy:

    We are not on the same block schedule as the rest of the school.  Homework is due the following day, unless otherwise stated.  Please check your child’s planner every day.


    Homework will be accepted late, but points may be taken off assignments for students who continually turn in late assignments.  If a student is absent, he/she has the number of days to make up the assignment equal to the number of days absent.  The student is responsible for obtaining missed work.  Teachers will not actively seek students regarding the issue. Because projects are assigned at least one week in advance, all major assignment smust be turned in on the assigned due date, regardless of illness.


    Any other requirements for homework are specific to eachteacher and his/her subject area (redo, corrections, and incomplete work).


    We do occasionally offer retake tests in our classes, based on the needs of the students.  Retake tests are not offered on every test.


    We do not offer extra credit to students to bring their grades up. 


    Lunch and Learn:

    Lunch and Learn is available to students who wish to get ahead in Accelerated Reader or Accelerated Math.  Students may eat lunch in the classroom while working on their assignments.


    Students who fall behind in their assignments will have an opportunity to make up the work in Lunch and Learn. Students may also be given Lunch and Learn if they fall behind in Accelerated Reader or Accelerated Math.


    Grading Scale:

    A         90-100

    B         80-89

    C         70-79

    D         60-69

    F          59 and below



    The school is using an online grade book that you will have access to.  You will be able to login anytime you wish to see your child’s grades. We do our best to keep the grades as current as possible.  Some assignments do take longer to grade than others.  We highly recommend you check the grade book as often as you can.  You will be able to access their overall grade, their grade on each assignment/project/test, and will be able to see if there are any assignments that have not been completed.  Within a few weeks, you will be given your account information with instructions.  

    Behavioral Expectations



    1.     Respect all students, teachers, and materials while on campus. 

    2.     Stay in your seat unless you receive permission to leave.

    3.     No talking out at any time.

    4.     Lineup outside in two straight lines.

    5.     No food, drinks, gum, or candy is allowed in class.  (Water is allowed)

    6.     Bring all supplies each day.  This includes workbooks, paper, and writing utensils.

    7.     Follow all school rules as stated in the student handbook.


    Positive Consequences:

    When students do what they are expected, we will do the following, as a team, to let the students and families know that an excellent job is being done in the classroom:

    • Front-of-the-line Lunch Passes
    • Excused early to lunch
    • Classroom tickets or other classroom rewards
    • S.W.A.G. tickets
    • Drink coupons

    Negative Consequences:

    If a student does not meet the established expectations, procedures will be followed to stop/correct actions that decrease the likelihood of academic success at El Cerrito Middle School.  Consequences include, but are not limited to,lunch detentions, after-school detentions, parent meetings, ACP, Saturday School, and classroom suspension. Inappropriate behaviors include, but are not limited to: tardies,excessive talking, lack of materials, not working, missing work, passing period behavior, disrespect, violence, and breaking of classroom or school rules, or a collection or minor incidents. 



    Classroom Arrangement:

    Currently, your student will begin the day with one of the sixth grade teachers.  In order for all students to get a chance to work with all the sixth graders, we do switch the classes they begin with throughout the school year.  This is typically done at the beginning of each trimester, although changes can be made at any time.


    Eager to help?

    We are looking for any parent volunteers that can help make copies for us.  We were hoping to have approximately 3-4 parents who could come in one day a week, either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday.  If you are interested, please let us know.


    We are also in constant need of white board markers in our classrooms, as students use these everyday on their own whiteboards.  Students who bring in markers receive various positive awards.  We also are in need of copy paper for our classrooms.  With 136 students, we go through paper rather quickly, especially with the district cutting many of the subject area workbooks.  Other donations include Clorox wipes & glue sticks!  Any other donations you wish to provide would also be greatly appreciated!    



    We are looking forward to a great year with your child.  The 6th grade staff is here to help your child succeed in every way.  We expect to see great growth in all students this year.  If you have any questions regarding your child’s progress in class, please email us or call us at 736-3216.



    Below is the email address for each of the 6th grade teachers.  If you have not yet emailed Mr. Michel for the class email list, please do so at your earliest convenience.


    Ms. Buchheim’s email address is:  jbuchheim@cnusd.k12.ca.us

    Mrs. Calero’s email address is:  dcalero@cnusd.k12.ca.us

    Mrs. Hamilton’s email address is: mhamilton@cnusd.k12.ca.us

    Mr. Michel’s email address is:  mrmichel@cnusd.k12.ca.us


    Thank you,


    Ms. Julia Buchheim                                          Mrs.Danielle Calero

    Mrs. Meagen Hamilton                                   Mr. Mark Michel