• Hardister – AM Schedule


    7:45 – 7:55    Roll, Pledge, Daily Message, Letters/Sounds/Sight Words Review, Music/Movement and Poems (Listening and speaking skills, drill and practice concepts)                                                                                                                                      


    7:55 – 8:05    HM Guiding Group Reading: (Daily Review sight words, word family words, Concepts of print, tracking, and developing fluency)


    8:05 – 8:50     Cooperative Learning Centers/ Differentiated Instruction   HM practice pages                                (Independent Practice/Review of concepts and skills) Leveled Reading Groups & English Lang. Development

                                 (Friday: Library)


    8:50 – 9:25     Integrated Curriculum through Thematic Units: Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts: HM Read-Aloud/Shared Story (make predictions, build vocabulary and comprehension dev.) Tues: Second Step Lesson


    9:25 – 9:45     Journal Writing

                                      (Respond to literature, develop grammatical structures, letter formation, phonetic spelling and write simple sentences) 


    9:45 – 10:00    Phonics/Phonemic Awareness Lesson: (Identify letters/sounds, I.D. and/or produce rhymes, syllables, beginning and ending sounds, blend sounds to form words to read)


    10:05 – 10:20      AM Snack/PE


    10:25 – 10:55     Mathematics Instruction

    (Number Sense, Measurement, Graphing, Geometry, Addition, Subtraction, and Estimation)


    10:55 – 11:00    Review Daily Learning and Cleanup



    11:00 – 11:35     Response to Intervention (RTI rotations)  



    11:35-11:39        Dismissal


    (11:50-12:35 Mrs. Hardister’s Lunch)

                                               (12:35-2:05 Assist in Mrs. Burkhart’s PM Class)