Dear Incoming Freshmen:

    We welcome all of you and your families as part of the Husky Pack! Centennial is an exciting place full of opportunities to learn and get involved. We look forward to serving you and your families over the next four years. Each year, Centennial’s Counseling Department hosts an Incoming Freshmen Parent Night. This night is an opportunity for parents and students to learn important information about our school. This event will be hosted on February 3rd, 2016, at 6pm in our Main Gym.

    In February and March, our Counselors visit our feeder schools to meet with Incoming Freshmen to review the courses they have selected. Registration packets will be delivered to all middle schools sometime in January/February. All Centennial students including Incoming Freshmen, complete their course requests online.The links below lead to pages of last the Incoming Freshmen registration packet.  All of  the forms that were given to all incoming Centennial students from their respective intermediate schools are accessible below. Please feel free to download and print any forms that were not received or may have been lost or misplaced. The following is the calendar of scheduled visits:
    Norco Intermediate and Citrus Hills: Feb 19th
    Ramirez, Cesar Chavez, and Home Gardens: Feb 24th 
    Raney, River Heights, and Corona Fundamental: Feb 25th
    El Cerrito: March 2nd
    Corona Fundamental: March 14th
    Auburndale: Mar 17th
    Private schools: Please download and print any forms you may need on this website and/or contact the Centennial Counseling Department at 739-5670 X:20025 with any questions or concerns. You can download any of the incoming freshmen items below to turn in to Centennial. Course registration packets are also available in our registrars office. 

    Transfer Students:
    You have to go through the normal transfer process through the district office in order to be approved to attend Centennial if this is not your home school. In the meantime, please download and print a course selection sheet from this website (below) or ask for one from your current school to submit to Centennial. Counselors will not be able to enter course requests for transfer students until the student's transfer is approved and counselors have been given access to your records on Q Student Portal. Unfortunately, this will cause a delay in your courses being selected in the student portal. Some courses may not be available to transfers due to this delay. Counselors will keep the hard copy you submit of your course selections and will enter them when they have access. We apologize in advance for this inconvenience. 
    Online Course Selection:
    The form you get when you click on the link below is the course selection sheet that shows all required and elective courses for Incoming Freshmen. This form is to be used as a reference when completing your course selections online. To download, print and/or save a copy of this handout click this link: Incoming Freshman Course Selection OR Incoming Freshman Course Selection for IB Students.
    Online Course Selection Instructions -This handout has step by step instructions for all students on how to access Q and complete the online course selection process. To download, print and/or save a copy of this handout click this link: Instructions for Selecting Courses on Q.
    Students who miss online registration fo any reason: Please turn in your completed course selection sheet in person or have your current site pony it over to Centennial's administration or counseling office.
    Husky Pride: Guidance Information Handbook:
    This handbook contains detailed information on important dates, freshmen orientation,courses, counseling, athletics, clubs, graduation requirements and college.To download, print and /or save a copy of this publication click this link: Husky Pride Incoming Freshmen Handbook OR Husky Pride Incoming Freshmen Handbook for IB Students.
    If you are interested in getting involved in the athletics program at Centennial High School, please print and complete this form and submit to your high school counselor during their visit to your school. (Dates are listed on pg. 1 of the Husky Pride publication). To download, print and /or save a copy of this form click this link:  
    Pep Squad/Cheer try outs):  2016-17 school year. For handout click this link: Pep Squad and Cheer Flyer
    Dance Team try outs: 2016-17 school year. For handout click this link: Dance Tryout Flyer
    Elective and Honors Course Information
    Freshman Honors Language Arts 1 A/B (Including MYP/IB)
    This course has a summer reading requirement that can be downloaded, saved and printed by clicking here: Language Arts MYP/Hnrs Summer Reading Assignment
    Spanish for Heritage Speakers 1 Course:
    Students who speak and write Spanish who wish to take this course must take an assessment. to determine your skill level. The assessments will be available and given at your current site at a date to be announced later this semester (approx. Mar/Apr) 
    If you want information about AVID or are interested in enrolling in an AVID class for the 2015-16 school year, please download, print, read and then complete AVID application by clicking on this link : AVID Application 2016-17
Last Modified on December 5, 2016