Advanced Placement Program (AP)

Advanced Placement, or AP, courses are specially designed classes for high school students seeking to earn college credit or simply wanting to take a more challenging course. The AP Program gives students a chance to try college-level work in high school and gain valuable study habits. If a high school student gets a qualifying grade on an AP Exam, there are thousands of colleges worldwide that will give him/her credit, or advanced placement, for his/her effort. AP Exams and courses offer students a chance to:

  §  Study a subject in greater depth.

  §  Gain a clearer idea of future plans.

  §  Develop skills and study habits vital to college.

  §  Improve college admission eligibility.

  §  Prepare for the unexpected.

  §  Save money.

  §  Get a head start for college.

  §  Become eligible for scholarships.

AP scores will only be available online this year. They will not be
mailed to your home. Get the facts so you can get your scores.
Click the link below.
               AP scores will be online this year. Get the facts so you can get your scores.
AP Coordinator: Kristine Cook
(951) 739-5670 Ext. 20957 
Last Modified on January 29, 2015