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Welcome Centennial Students of the 2014 - 2015 School Year

For the complete program for MYP Community Service go to the link below and check out the community service information

Community Service Forms:

Requirements for 9th and 10 grade
  • 25 hours (9th)
  • 30 hours (10th)
  • Fill out forms correctly and turn them in by the due date.
  • You may complete 10 hours over the summer and the remaining 15-20 hours throughout the school year.

The following community service activities are pre-approved and acceptable for community service credit.  If you would like to participate in any type of activity NOT listed, you need to get prior approval from the IB coordinator by filling out the Community Service Proposal Form and submitting it to the coordinator at least a week before the proposed activity.


Pre-approved Activities:
  • Corona Beautiful
  • Rose Parade float construction
  • any major “walks” for specific cures/causes (such as breast cancer)T
  • Temescal Fair
  • School carnivals where you are involved in setting up or cleaning up
  • Tutoring at:
    •  the Corona Public Library
    •  Centennial’s peer tutoring program 
  • IBSA’s mentoring at Garretson
  • Formal volunteer work at a community hospital or animal shelter
  • Volunteer work at:
    • School’s sports events (timekeeper, referee, snack stand, etc)
    • Little League sports (coaching, time-keeping, refereeing, etc)
    • The Settlement House
  • Any pre-approved service opportunity emailed to you through IB.

Student clubs at Centennial like IBSA, MECHA, CSF, Interact, Red , FBLA, JSA, and  National Honor Society offer service opportunities for our community such as:

  • Making food baskets for the poor
  •  Visiting retirement or convalescent homes
  • Toy drives
  • Red Ribbon Week work

**As a 9th or 10th grader you may count 7 hours as a 9th grader and 10 as a 10th grader if you play on one of the school’s sports teams.

More hours will count as action events when you reach your 11th or 12th grade year.

You may count up to 2 hours of a performance for the community such as a play, a recital, a dance recital or concert.  Practices DO NOT count.  Behind the scenes services may count for 2 hours.


The following types of activities WILL NOT be considered community service for MYP:
  • Helping a friend or family member with their business or tasks such as cleaning or moving.
  •  Helping a teacher straighten or organize a classroom.
  • Any activity for which you receive payment.
  •   Any type of proselytizing or religious instruction.
  • Tutoring or helping a friend with homework.
 Please contact the Centennial High School Community Service Coordinator (see below for contact information)  if you are unsure if a particular community service event meets the Centennial High Community Service Guidelines. If the event is worked and is later determined not to meet the community service criteria as outlined in the Centennial High Community Service Regulations and Guidelines the hours will not be included in your student’s total. 
Important!!!     An adult supervisor who is NOT your parent or relative must sign off on activities/hours worked. No student, not even a club president, may sign off hours for you. Follow these instructions when filling out your community service forms, or you may not receive credit for service.  

Community Service Log -

A bit of advice: 

Choose your community service carefully.  Pursue something that will have personal meaning for you.  Otherwise, this will become a meaningless exercise in accumulating the necessary 20 hours.  Choose something that is going to help you grow and develop, and will benefit your community.  The IBO is now requiring that the service you provide extends throughout the year instead of over a short period of time.  If the service is meaningful and important to you, you will most likely complete over 25/30 hours a year.  When applying for college, admissions will recognize that you have contributed something to the community that goes beyond counting hours for what is required by the IB program.  Good luck, as this should be an enjoyable experience that enriches your life.

 If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask or email:
Mrs. Flores    Community Service and CAS Coordinator

Mrs. Rasmussen           IB Coordinator      
Last Modified on August 21, 2014
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