• History

    PUENTE has won accolades for its approach to helping more than 400,000 underserved students thrive academically – by holding high expectations, valuing cultural and social capital, and ensuring that students and their families have critical college-going information and guidance.  

    • Work with their Puente counselor in establishing individual a 4-year academic plan;
    • Work with the Puente teacher to accelerate their reading and writing and critical thinking skills in their 9th and 10th grade
    • Successfully complete all the requirements of the Puente Writing Portfolio assessment process;
    • Strive to successfully complete a college prep curriculum;
    • Attend all Puente activities and fieldtrips;
    • Participate in the Puente Club
    • Become involved in community service/volunteerism.
    • Work with Puente counselor and teacher to monitor student academic progress;
    • Participate in counselor-led workshops and in student events;
    • Become a part of the student’s educational process and support student’s academic and career goals

    Research conducted by The Harvard Graduate School of Education, the University of California, and New Mexico State University, to name a few, has demonstrated PUENTE's continuing success in motivating and supporting all students to earn degrees from four-year colleges and universities.

    Puente High School Program
    Puente Readiness graph

    PUENTE students passed the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) at a significantly higher rate than all students statewide — 97% of PUENTE students passed the English exam compared to 81% in the state, and 96% passed the Math exam compared to 81% in the state.


Last Modified on March 10, 2013