• Welcome to Centennial Photography!

    Instructor: Ms. Bustany
    Email Address: mailto:kbustany@cnusd.k12.ca.us

    Photo 1A/1B  2A/2B  3A/3B

    Welcome to Centennial Photography!

    Photo 1A/1B and Advanced Photography, yearlong courses, incorporate technical as well as artistic elements and principles of design related to photography. Students explore historic, social, and multicultural themes through images, artists, research, and writing. Students develop an understanding of aesthetic judgments and express personal creativity.

    Students Learn:
    • Skills related to the operation of 35mm manual/automatic cameras
    • Black & white 35mm film / chemical processing
    • Black & white contact / enlarged print development
    • Basic lighting and composition
    • Style, subject, and technique variations and interpretations

    ADVANCED STUDENTS will have the option to continue thier work with the black and white film/chemical medium or to use digital technology to produce print-quality images.  We will further explore lighting techniques and alternative processes.

    Students, Parents, Guardians please contact Ms. Bustany via email with questions or concerns:
    California Visual Arts Content Standards


    Grade Scale

    A = 100 - 90
    B = 89.9 - 80
    C = 79.9 - 70
    D = 69.9 - 60
    F = 59.9>