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    Matt Lance       
     We become just by performing just
     actions, temperate by performing temperate
     actions, brave by performing brave actions
    Fall Schedule:

    Per 1:PE

    Per 2:Adaptive PE

    Per 3:Athletic Conditioning

    Per 4:PE

    Per 5:Athletic Conditioning

    Per 6:Prep

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    Contact Info: mlance@cnusd.k12.ca.us

     Athletic Conditioning TED ED
    My name is Mr Lance and  I am an alumni
    of Centennial and excited to have been working
     here for 16yrs as a teacher and coach.  It is my
     goal to provide quality instruction and inspiring
    LA usc

    University/College Attended:  Utah State University; Azusa Pacific

    Degrees Earned:BS Philosophy, Minor Sociology ;  MA Education

    Hometown: Corona, Ca



    The Department of Education seeks to have every teacher certified in the area in which they are teaching. If this criteria is met, the teacher is "Highly Qualified".