• Welcome to Health

    Course Description:

    This is a one semester course which will emphasize principles of health promotion and disease prevention.   The course content will include:  personal, mental & emotional health, stress & time management, proper nutrition, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, reproduction, chronic and communicable diseases.

    Health is a graduation requirement


    Grading system:

    Tests/Quizzes                              40%                                                 

    Homework/Class-work/Projects   40%                             

    Participation                                 20%     
    To access the Health textbook online:
    Step 1             Go to: http://my.hrw.com/
    Step 2             Enter your Username & password

    Step 3             Click on: Go to the Interactive online Edition

    Step 4             Click on: Book Pages (in the orange tab in the upper right-hand corner) or select a Chapter from drop down box


    username: health104                       

    password: student


    username: student17916                       

    password: password

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