PRESIDENT:  Plans and conducts all meetings insuring that all necessary matters are covered: serves on all committees, oversees all financial matters; attends monthly Council meetings. 
EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT:  Serves as the primary aide to the president.  Performs the duties of the president in their absent.
1st/2nd V.P. MEMBERSHIPS:  Conducts Memberships Drive in the beginning of the school year.
3rd/4th V.P. WAYS AND MEANS:  Coordinates the fundraiser for the year, organizing a committee to help run the event.
5th/6th V.P. NEWSLETTER:  Serves as writer, editor, printer and distributor for the monthly school newspaper (with committee assistance); gathers material to report on all current & future events as well as results of past events.
SECRETARY:  Maintains accurate records of all PTA Unit meetings; counts and records all votes; signs all vouches on the Treasury jointly with the President; acts as custodial of all prior Unit minutes.
TREASURER:  Keeps accurate and detailed account of all funds received and paid out; submits monthly Treasure's Report; deposits all funds with local bank & balances all bank statements; pays bills.
AUDITOR:  Conducts a full audit of the Unit's financial records twice a year; verifies all transactions to be correct & complete.
HISTORIAN:  Maintains permanent records of all activities including Committee members list and all pertinent historical facts (including newspaper articles) regarding each event; keeps running rally of volunteer hours worked on all PTA functions.
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