Linc the Lion Leaning

*ROOM MOM/DAD:  Organizes class parties, helps at the Book Fair and Fall Festival booth, helps with Track and Field day, helps with Teacher Appreciation Week and helps the teacher in the classroom as needed.

PARTY ASSISTANT:  Helps Room Mom/Dad with class parties when needed.  Bakes and/or provides food, goodies, or paper goods for class parties.  Helps the teacher in the classroom as needed.
LIBRARY HELPER:  Assists the school Librarian as needed.
CLERICAL ROOM ASSISTANT:  Helps the PTA committee with copying in the clerical room.
"CATCH 'EM BEING GOOD" ASSISTANT:  Organizes class recognition parties.
"RED RIBBON WEEK" ASSISTANT:  Assists committee members with 'Red Ribbon Week' activities.
WAYS & MEANS:  Assists Ways and Means committee with Gift Wrap Fundraiser.
NEWSLETTER:  Assists committee members with collating newsletter, 1-2 hours per month.
*The school Administration will give final approval for this position.