• Effective 1/5/2015

    Lincoln Alternative Elementary School has a structured environment for maximum learning.  The Dress Code has been part of the school since it began as a magnet school back in 1981.  Today, we continue the tradition.  Parents bring their children to Lincoln Alternative in order to focus on learning within a structured environment, and the staff team appreciates this continuing focus and support. Revisions to our dress code are made as fads and fashions change.  The following underlined revisions will take place effective January 5th, 2015.   


    1.    Basic standards of health and cleanliness are expected.  Clothing and grooming may not incite students or create a disruption of the orderly operation of the school.  Clothing that causes undue attention is not permitted.  All clothing must be appropriate for playground activities.

    2.  Spirit wear/school shirts are encouraged.  This includes wearing the school colors:  red, white, and blue.

    3.    Overall Requirements

    • Clothing must fit properly
    • Undergarments must be hidden from view
    • Clothing with the following are not permitted:
      • Negative, suggestive, or derogatory pictures or phrases, anything which refers to drug or alcohol usage, and/or anything that denotes violence, aggression, or death
        • Examples of negative messages may include, “Take my sister. . .” or “I only come to school for recess.” 
      • Holes and/or rips in clothing
      • Camouflage clothing

    4.    Pants:

    • Must fit properly (Sagging pants are not allowed)
    • Leggings/Jeggings may be worn under skirts/dresses only.  They may not be worn solely as pants.
    • Words are not permitted on pants  (Manufacturer’s label is okay)
    • Pant legs must be of equal length and ends must be even
      • Shorts:
        • Length must be at least beyond the student’s middle finger when arms are placed along sides
        • Shorts may not extend more than 2 inches below the knee or be wider than 4 inches from the knee.

    5.   Shirts/ Blouses:

    • Shirts and blouses must be tucked in at all times. 
      • Shirts and blouses must be long enough to stay tucked when arms are raised above the head
    • Must fit properly 
    • Shoulder strap must be at least 2 inches wide at the top of the shoulder
    • Shirts and blouses may not be too low or revealing/sheer (see through).
    • Unacceptable shirts include narrow-strapped tank tops, spaghetti straps, undergarment type T-shirts, open mesh shirts, sport jerseys (except on designated Spirit Days), and muscle shirts
    • Straps must be at least 1 ½ inches in width.

    6.   Dresses/ Skirts:

    • Bottom of dress/skirt must be of equal length and even
    • Length must be at least beyond the student’s middle finger when arms are placed along sides
    • Jeans, pants, leggings, and tights may be worn under dresses or skirts. 
    • Straps must be at least 1 ½ inches in width.
    • Strapless dresses, mini-skirts, ankle length dresses/skirts, halter tops, bare midriffs, bare backs, racer back, camisoles, tube blouses and sheer or see-through blouses are not permitted.  Slits on dresses/skirts can be no higher than the required minimum length of dresses, skirts, and shorts (at least beyond the student’s middle finger).


    7.   Socks:

    • Socks or tights must be worn at all times and must be visible above the shoe. 
    • Socks should not extend beyond the midpoint of the calf.
    • Tights cannot be see-through (i.e. pantyhose, nylons and thigh highs are not allowed). 

    8.   Shoes:

    ·         Shoes must enable safe participation in all types of active play. 

    ·         Tennis shoes are recommended

    ·         Approved shoe styles include closed toe, flat/low heel shoes (i.e. 1 inch), closed toe sandals with straps over the instep,                                                   a        and athletic shoes. 

    ·         Sport cleats, flip-flops, platforms, moccasins or slipper type house shoes, and open-toed sandals may not be worn.

     9.   Hair:

    • Hair must not be cut/styled in such a manner as to attract undue attention. 
    • Bleached or colored hair, hair carvings, and “tails” are not allowed. 
    • Spikes of hair must be no more than one inch long.
    • Mohawks are not allowed

    10.   Jewelry:

    • Jewelry which causes a distraction or is unsafe (e.g. fad buttons) are not allowed. 
    • Girls are not permitted to wear dangling or hoop earrings.  Boys are not to wear earrings. 
    • Girls may wear one earring in each ear. 
    • Body piercing is not allowed for boys or girls. 
    • Makeup, acrylic nails and colored nail polish is not allowed. 
    • Only one bracelet is allowed per arm. 
    • No studded jewelry, studded belts, or studded accessories are allowed. 

    11.  Outerwear, including Jackets, Sweaters and Sweatshirts:

    • Outerwear, including jackets, sweaters, and sweatshirts must be properly fitted, not oversized. 
    • Hoods of sweatshirts may not be worn over the head except during cold weather. 
    • Jackets, sweaters, and sweatshirts should not be worn during hot weather. 
    • Shirts cannot be used as outerwear unless they are tucked in. 
    • Please write child’s name in jackets and sweatshirts.

    12.  Scouting Uniforms:

    • Scouting uniforms may be worn on meeting days only. 

    13.  Hats:

    • Hats, baseball caps, bandanas, hairnets, stocking caps, sweatbands, visors, and sunglasses may not be worn unless designated as a special “Spirit Day.” 
      • A doctor’s note may allow a hat or sunglasses.

      The site administrator will make the final decision.  If necessary, parents will be contacted to provide proper clothing and grooming.  Disciplinary action will result for repeated lack of compliance to dress code.


Last Modified on January 6, 2015