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    Welcome to Mr. Diaz's Home Page!!!



    Home Gardens 4th Grade T-Track

    Name: Mr. Jorge Diaz


    Universities/Colleges Attended:  University of La Verne & Chapman University

    Degrees Earned:  B. A. and M.A. in Education

    Email Address:

    Phone number: 951-736-3219

       Welcome to 4th Grade T-Track's home page. This page will provide some quick links, support, and information designed to assist you in class. Textbook support is located in the "Quick Links" section below.  Homework, upcoming projects, and important dates and events are listed below as well. If you would like information about me, our daily schedule, to see class work, what supplies our class needs, or some useful websites to practice or gain information useful for 4th grade, please use the links on the left.  Updates will occur periodically, but the best way to get current information is to e-mail me at jorgediaz@cnusd.k12.ca.us  - Please let me know if any problems arise! Thank you, and I hope you visit again soon!

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      Work hard in class so you will have less to do at home!          Practice makes purrrrfect!          Stay on top of things!

    Important Information/ Upcoming Events!
    Just a Quick Note for Parents:

    Assignments on Pearson Success for the month of August will soon be ready to go.  Feel free to have your children review any of the math activities. The other links above will also be available for extra practice.
    Starting at the beginning of the week, daily assignments will be written here.  Each day's work will continue to be posted through the end of the week.  At the beginning of each new week, the previous week's assignments will be removed. This will allow everyone access to multiple days of assignments in the event of unforseen or prolonged absences. I will try to have the assignments posted everyday by 3:00 pm.  Simply log on from any computer, and you should be ready to go! 
    Mr. Diaz
    Homework - Week of April 16, 2018
    Math:  None
    Social Studies:  Spanish Social Studies (2 Column Notes)
    Other:    Read for 20 minutes.

    Math:  Performance Tasks (Pages 360, 396, 418)
    Social Studies:  None
    Other:    Read for 20 minutes.
    Math:  Complete W/S: Topics 9-12 Benchmark Test
    Social Studies:  Read English Textbook Pages 156-161 and complete 2-Column notes for first 2 sections.
    Other:    Read for 20 minutes.
    Math:  Complete W/S: Topics 5-8 Benchmark Test
    Social Studies:  Read English Textbook Pages 156-161 and complete Outline W/S
    Other:    Read for 20 minutes.
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