Welcome to Riverview Elementary School

Riverview Elementary School's goal is to be an effective learning community and meet the needs of the whole child. We provide access to the core curriculum through a coordination of our instructional programs and an integration of successful instructional strategies and services. Beginning with our Pre-School ROCKET Special Education program, we meet the needs of many students requiring special instruction to increase their future success and potential mainstreaming to regular education as they transition into kindergarten. Our pre-school and kindergarten teachers work hard at collaborating to meet the students' needs and assist our parents be successful with home activities. We use Student Achievement Meetings (SAM) with our administrator and support staff at the site, at the beginning of each school year in an effort to identify students-at-risk and provide immediate interventions. Our RSP teacher meets regularly with classroom teachers to offer assistance and information on any new or needed changes in programs. To meet the needs of our English Language Learner students who receive English Language Development lessons thirty minutes daily, from Cross-cultural Language and Academic Development (CLAD) certified teachers, and are monitored on a regular basis for possible reclassification or further interventions. We use data from our district assessments, teacher assessments, California Standards Test results, and multiple assessments for evaluation of students and the progress they are making toward meeting the stated grade level standards. Instructional adjustments are made as needed based on these results, and the needs identified. Within the walls of Riverview is where you will see the real heart and soul of the school, the teachers addressing student needs through various classroom intervention strategies and using a continual cycle of inquiry to address students' strengths and weaknesses. During grade-level collaboration, our Professional Collaboration Time (PCT) early release Wednesdays focus on student achievement, working on the Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS), using California State Test, the new California Common Core, and Core Curriculum Benchmark data disaggregated in Performance levels to identify and address students' weaknesses within each classroom and across each grade level. It is during this time that teachers and paraprofessionals discuss the performance of both individual students as well as student-groups. Grade levels produce SMART goals and monitor the progress towards those goals through out the year.  Through the PCT the staff is able to continually monitor student progress and re-teach essential standards to ensure that all students are growing academically. However, a dedication to academics is only a portion of what you will see at Riverview. Riverview has adopted the Project Wisdom along with our district's Second Step focuses on building character. Student Council leads our monthly Award Assemblies. Each morning the four lead Student Council students welcome our staff and students. The Student Council is able to model good citizenship and sportsmanship which resonates throughout the student body. Through these programs, Riverview has built key relationships between students, teachers, and community members.

Mr. Marsh, Principal 
Last Modified on August 31, 2015
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