PROBLEM SOLVING:  A joining of ideas to come to a reasonable conclusion
PATIENCE:    The act of waiting calmly for something or someone


CARING:  To feel interest or concern for others


RESPONSIBILITY:  Moral, legal or mental accountability


COMMON SENSE:  Sound judgment based on the facts


EFFORT:  Active or applied force; a serious attempt


SENSE OF HUMOR:  The ability to bring humor to a situation


ORGANIZATION:  A group of people working together for a common purpose


PERSEVERANCE:  The will to keep working until the job is done; persistent


FLEXIBILITY:  Willingness to change a course of action; easily adaptable


INITIATIVE:   An introductory step of moving forward


INTEGRITY:  Firm adherence to a code or values; honesty and virtue


COURAGE:  Firmness of mind in the face of difficulty


COOPERATION:  The process of working together toward a common goal


CURIOSITY:  The feeling of wanting to know about something


FRIENDSHIP:  Mutual respect, companionship

Last Modified on June 8, 2015
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