The School Site Council (SSC) is an integral part of Eleanor Roosevelt High School's governance.  The members of SSC annually facilitate the revision and update of the school goals, improvement strategies, and planned expenditures which are outlined in the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA).  The intent of the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) is to create a cycle of continuous improvement of student performance, and to ensure that all students succeed in reaching state academic standards.
Members of Eleanor Roosevelt High School's SSC for 2015-2016 are:
Mr. Jeremy Goins, Principal
Ms. Kim Lawe, Assistant Principal
Ms. Delia Carreras, Teacher
Mr. Miles Neimeyer, Teacher
Ms. Margaret Lucero, Counselor
Mr. Frank Mata, Teacher
Mr. Jeremiah Murray, Teacher 
Ms. Cindy Everett, Classified
Ms. Laura Perez, Classified
Mrs. Lanee Tessari, Parent 
Mrs. Mary Kim, Parent
Ms. Patricia Delatorre, Parent
Ms. Angie Alvarenga, Parent 
Matthew Le, Student
Emily Yang, Student
Johnny Malufau, Student
School Site Council Meetings will be held at 3pm in the Career Center on the following dates:
September 24, 2015
October 22, 2015
Agendas and minutes are posted at least 72 hours prior to the next meeting.  Please refer to the "Meeting Agendas & Minutes" link to view those documents.  If you would like to see an item on an agenda, contact Mrs. Kim Lawe, Assistant Principal, or her secretary, Ms. Angie Alvarenga, at (951) 738-2111.
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