Principal's Message

Principal’s Message



Hello Sierra Vista Families and Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year! 


As we begin the new year the air is alive with excitement and anticipation.  Our classrooms are becoming more "high tech" than ever before and our students continue to bring their enthusiasm, curiosity and thirst for knowledge with them each day.  Our PTA has an exciting calendar of events lined up for the year and are looking forward to our fundraiser kick off and membership drive to get the year started with a bang!


This year in our classrooms we will continue to focus on improving student achievement by meeting the needs of each child through high levels of Student Engagement.  Teachers have been trained on new techniques in student engagement and are using concepts such as “Learning with others” and “Personal Response” to increase the understanding and connections our students have with the content they are learning.  New technology also assists us in engaging the students using the online components of our core curriculum as we focus on increased problem solving, using text dependent questioning and application of knowledge to make the transition to the Common Core State standards (CCSS).  To learn more about the transition to CCSS please following the following link:

Professional Teacher Time (PTT) will remain in place each Wednesday with students being dismissed at 1:57.  Teachers utilize this time for professional collaboration and curricular planning, focusing on the needs of each individual child with the goal being to improve achievement for every child on our campus.


We will continue to reinforce positive behavior through our Lifeskills program which focuses on eight characteristics: Respect, Responsibility, Cooperation, Common Sense, Effort, Patience, Perseverance and Problem Solving.  Our teachers and staff “catch” kids who are living the Lifeskills and reward them in a variety of ways.  Our goal is to develop and reinforce the behaviors which are crucial to success later on in life.
We will continue to build on our mission statement which is meant to inspire and encourage each of us every day:

At Sierra Vista we…

·     Dream

·     Believe

·     Dare

·     Achieve


We will leave footprints worth following!

Students, teachers and staff begin each day with a daily pledge:
At Sierra Vista I am expected to give my best.  Each day I will:
Dream of new possibilities
Believe I can succeed
Dare to try new things

Achieve all that I can


I am a valued part of a community of life-long learners

where I respect others, I

take responsibility for my choices,

and I will leave a footprint worth following.
We are looking forward to a wonderful year full of new memories, new learning and many opportunities to "Leave footprints worth following!" 



Mrs. Gruebel
Last Modified on July 26, 2013