125 years ago on March 12, 1888 in a room above the Durrell & Wilber’s store in South Riverside, which is now known as Corona, a classroom full of eager students started their first day of school. From that small classroom above the Durrell & Wilber store the Corona-Norco Unified School District now consists of 49 schools and serves over 53,000 students!

    Just as our district has grown over the years, the students in the room above the store needed a much bigger space to learn so, in 1889 a small frame structure took over as the town’s first school building and the following school year a new brick schoolhouse replaced it. In fact, our school district still possesses the bell that hung in the tower of that school. “Yorba District” as it was then called is boldly stamped on the bell.  

    So, how did our district get its name? In 1894 the name of our district changed from Yorba District to the South Riverside District, two years later the citizens voted to change the name to Corona District, at that time the district was split into the Corona High School District and the Corona Elementary School District and in 1948 the two districts “unified” and became the Corona Unified School District. So when did Norco come get included? In 1925 a man by the name of Rex Clark built and opened the Norco School, which still stands on Hamner Avenue and in 1970, the district officially changed its name to the Corona-Norco Unified School District!

    This is merely a quick snap shot of our districts past so we can reflect and celebrate 125 years of education in our community. We salute the teachers, students and staff both today and in the past that have made our district among the best! 

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