Auburndale Intermediate has a consistency-based approach to classroom and school discipline.  Our administrative team, including Mrs. Michele Sanchez, AP and Mrs. Brenda Williams, Student Advisor, continue to support our adolescent students with the challenges they face each day. Our discipline  program is designed to create a positive educational atmosphere, firm and yet fair and provide educators with skills and confidence to effectively reduce discipline problems.  Every classroom has school and classroom rules posted in the room.  Teachers discuss the rules and the positive and negative consequences of the program with their students.  The practices and procedures for discipline, tardiness, and truancy are aimed at teaching responsibility and building positive self-esteem.  Each student receives the teacher's discipline plan included as part of the course syllabus.  The school community exhibits school pride, high morale, order and discipline, and respect for individual rights and responsibilities.
Last Modified on February 24, 2010