Students are expected to be present and punctual for all classes throughout the year.  In accordance with the state education codes, legal (excused) absences include illness, death in the immediate family, official quarantine, and professional services of a doctor or dentist.  All other absences are considered either unexcused or truancies.  Students who are habitually truant, or who are chronic non-attendees will be referred to the District Child Welfare and Attendance Counselor for a referral to the Student Attendance and Review Board (SARB).  Parents are strongly requested to call in student absences to our 24 hour attendance line (951-736-3362) the morning of the absence. We will be calling home or the parents’ workplace whenever a student is absent and the parent has not called. 


Students who will be on vacation for five days or more may request an Independent Study.  The office needs a written request two weeks prior to the date of Independent Study.  Students are required to complete this work while on vacation in order to comply with state attendance requirements.


Students must make up assignments issued due to absence.  Student assignments will be posted in each classroom.  A student who has been absent must get the missed assignment from the designated area and turn it in to the teacher within the allotted time.  In cases of extended illness of three days or more, please allow a full day for the materials to be compiled.  Makeup work for absences due to suspension is provided.


Students must be in the room in their assigned seats and ready to begin when the bell rings.  A student with an excused pass will not be considered tardy.  The tardy policy operates on a trimester basis.  Parent contact and assigned consequences will be handled by the teacher for the first tardy.  Additional tardies will result in referrals to administration.

Tardies (All periods)

1.  Warning – (1st trimester only) teacher records

2.  Lunch detention - referral

3.  After-school detention - referral

4.  ACP or 2 hours Saturday School - referral

5.  4 hours Saturday School - referral