Raney Conflict Managers

    Conflict managers are specially chosen and trained students who help other students get along with each other.

         When students are involved in a non-physical dispute, they are asked if they would like Conflict Managers to help them solve their problem. If the children choose, Raney Conflict Managers will help them by using a problem solving process to clarify the nature of the problem and to reach a solution satisfactory to both students.

    Conflict Managers learn

    • Leadership skills
    • Communication - how to express feelings and needs, how to listen well without taking sides
    • Problem solving
    • How to improve the school environment
    • Responsibility for their own actions

    Benefits of the Conflict Management Program

    • Conflict Managers gain confidence in their ability to help themselves
    • Conflict Managers learn to get along better at home and at school
    • Conflict Managers' grades often improve
    • Other students learn from Conflict Managers how to get along better with each other.
    • Arguments decrease, so students spend more time learning
    • Students and teachers are able to work together in a friendly, relaxed way.

    If you have questions about Raney’s Conflict Manager Program?  Contact Mr. Alaniz, School Counselor, (951) 736-3221 or click here to email.

Last Modified on June 30, 2010