• River Heights Intermediate School
    Front Office Procedures and Helpful Tips
    Office Hours: 8am to 4:30pm     Phone: (951)738-2155
    • Students must have a pass to enter the office and/or Health Office.  Passes may be obtained from their teachers. 
    • Birthdays and other occasions cannot be celebrated at school.  Do not send food items of any type for your student to share at school.  Balloons, flowers, and gifts may not be carried around the campus or taken into classrooms.  no balloons  no food drink
    • Student entrance and exit is through the south gate by the Library/Media Center or the northwest gate, next to the bike rack, not through the office.student exit
    • Money will not be taken at the front desk.  If lunch money is forgotten, parent/guardian must sign in at the front office for further instructions. 
    • Students need to be responsible.  They may not call home for forgotten homework, projects, PE clothes, or progress reports.  If items are dropped off for a student, a message will be sent to the classroom.  The student may come to pick up items in the office during the passing period.  Passes to or from class will not be given to the student.
    • Students needing to leave early for any reason must be signed out at the front office.  Parent/guardian must bring I.D.  Please refrain from signing out a student during the last 20 minutes of the school day.
    • Update phone numbers promptly.  In case of emergency, the school must be able to contact you. emerg
    • Personal tech devices and electronic games of any kind are not allowed on the school campus.  These items will be confiscated.  Parents can pick-up confiscated items at the front office.
    • Cell phones must be turned off before entering the campus gates.  Phones are to remain off until leaving the campus for the day.  If a student uses a phone on campus, for any reason, it will be confiscated.  Consequences for phone policy violations are:  1st offense-Student pickup at the end of the school day, 2nd offense-Parent/Guardian pickup, 3rd offense-Parent/Guardian pickup and Saturday School assigned, 4th offense-Parent/Gaurdian pickup, Alternative Consequence assigned, and student may no longer carry the cell phone on campus.  The student must sign the phone in to the front office daily.  Student may sign the phone back out at the end of the school day.  This procedure will be in effect for the remainder of the school year.

    no cells

Last Modified on August 22, 2016