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  • Healthy Pets - Lots of information here on topics like housebreaking your puppy to feeding your bird.
  • Pet Care - Information on how to take care of your pet dog, cat, or other animal.
  • Kingsnake.Com - Guide to the care and feeding of reptiles and amphibians - which means snakes, lizards, chameleons, geckos, and turtles.


 Entertainment - TV and Movies

 Groups in Your Town

 Sites for Teens

  • Teen Division of the Internet Public Library - Links to sports, entertainment, and information on personal problems. Up-to-date.
  • Teen Health - For health, drugs, and the other stuff that you worry about sometimes.
  • People to People International - Student Ambassador Program - A great way to travel to other countries.

 Other Cool Sites

  • Balloon HQ - This site will tell you how to twist balloons to make those neat figures. It also tells about how balloons are made and lots of other stuff about balloons.
  • Aviation@Landings - Just about everything on airplanes here.


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