The Puente Experience

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    The Centennial High Puente Program is sponsored by the University of California Berkeley. As sister schools in the Corona-Norco community, Centennial and Corona High Schools identified a need to bring a program that would develop leaders on campus and in the community, promote the college going rate and further the academic culture of the school. The objectives of the Puente Program fall right in-line with the vision of our schools’. UC trained site-based teams help increase high school completion rates, help meet college entrance requirements, and help develop dynamic leaders in Riverside County.

    The University of California, Riverside (UCR) and the Centennial Puente Program are educational partners.   UCR and the Centennial Puente Program are preparing all Puente students for college and career readiness.

    The Puente Model

    The PUENTE experience comprises academic and personal mentoring programs for community college students and a college preparatory program for high school students.

    • Puente enrolls students of ALL ethnicities.
    • Puente currently supports 61 community college and 34 high schools.
    • Puente works in 24 counties throughout California.

    Engaging the Community

    PUENTE develops partnerships with families, schools and communities throughout California, engaging them as stakeholders in the program's success.

    PUENTE's efforts are critical to the state's future economy, which demands an educated workforce to remain competitive in the global landscape.

    Frank Garcia

    "PUENTE has developed a powerful and sustainable
    model for education reform, resulting in a program
    that links professional development with culturally
    competent teaching, counseling and mentoring."

    —Frank Garcia, Executive Director

    • Recruits and selects students for the Puente class;
    • Provides academic advising, and monitors student progress throughout high school;
    • Motivates students to pursue a college education through exposure to college campuses;
    • Informs students about, and supports students through, the college application, admissions, and financial aid processes;
    • Monitors students’ A-G completion;
    • Actively involves, and provides information to Puente parents.
     Sam Pic
    Counselor: Mr. Sam Hernandez
    (951) 739-5670 ext.20054
    • Serves as students' English teacher for 9th and 10th grade;
    • Builds a sense of community (familia) with and among Puente students;
    • Incorporates Latino literature, issues, and culture into the district’s core college preparatory curriculum;
    • Implements the rigorous Puente writing portfolio assessment process;
    • Explores concepts of community, leadership, and service with students.
    Puente Coordinator: Mrs. Iliana Lopez-Jones
    (951) 739-5670 ext. 20422
    iliana lopez-jones
    Teacher: Ms. Esther Kang
    (951) 739-5670 ext. 20421

    Centennial Puente Program Video (click on link) http://youtu.be/C4s0ICS5G7E

Last Modified on May 13, 2014