AVID students are enrolled in one BLOCK of the AVID elective at JFK.  In addition to academic support through tutorials, AVID students receive training in college level reading and writing, organizational and time management strategies and study skills.  AVID students will map their goals, explore careers, choose probable college majors, and create a list of universities where they wish to apply.

AVID teachers will assist AVID students in selecting Norco College courses and JFK courses which will fulfill the “A-G Requirements” for entrance into University of California or California State University campuses, as well as many private and out-of-state universities. AVID students tour colleges on field trips, helping students gain perspective on campus life. Additionally, AVID students will learn about financial aid options, and apply for scholarships throughout their 3 years at JFK.
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Riverside County Model of Excellence 2010
John F. Kennedy Middle College High School was awarded the prestigious Model of Excellence honor for the schoolwide influence of AVID. All Kennedy students are taught how to analyze their transcripts for A-G eligibility and plan future coursework to meet the requirements for admission to CSU and UC. 88% of teachers have been trained through AVID Summer Institute or Write Path courses. 42% of the student body is enrolled in an AVID elective course, but 100% receive college guidance and career planning through the Excel course, which was developed based on AVID curriculum.

Last Modified on August 26, 2014
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