• Academic Guidelines and Support


    KennedyMiddle College High School Academic Guidelines


    Kennedy students are expected to take challenging and purposeful academic classes every year
     both at Kennedy and at Norco College and have
    tangible goals for their future


    Academic Expectations

    Math:             4years

    Science:         3years

    Electives:      Units will be completed at Norco College






    4 YEAR COLLEGE (A-G) *


    Language Arts

    4 yrs



    2yrs (1 must be Algebra)

    3yrs (4 recommended)


    2yrs (1 life, 1 physical)

    2yrs (3 recommended)




    Foreign Language

    1yr  (or Fine Arts)

    2yrs (3 recommended)

    Fine Arts

    1 yr (or Foreign Lang.)



    2 yrs



    1 semester



    75 credits

    1yr  College prep elective

    Norco College (NC)


    ·   3 unit NC classes = 10 H.S credits  or



    ·   Students are expected to complete High School elective credits by completing classes at NC every semester


    ·   You must turn in your Norco College unofficial transcripts to the Kennedy Registrar office to receive HS credit. Every grade will be entered with the grade earned at NC.


    ·   NC classes cannot take the place of CNUSD graduation requirements with the exception of Fine Arts/Foreign Language, Health, and Language Arts 4A/B


    ·   NC’s transferable classes can be accepted at 4 year colleges toward BA degree (found through WEBADVISOR) each University will follow different guidelines on what classes they will transfer.


    NC Accuplacer Assessment Test

    Students may take the Accuplacer to test into high level academic courses at Norco College.



    • D’s are passing
    • only F’s must be retaken
    • All Classes are

    computed in GPA



     9th grade:     60

    10th grade:   120

    11th grade:   180

    12th grade:   220

    You need 220 credits and all of the courses listed above to graduate.


    Required H.S. Test:

    10th grade:  CAHSEE

    (California High School Exit Exam)

    11th or 12th grade:  Retake CAHSEE

    EAP Testing

     During 11th grade Star testing the EAP test will be given. If passed student will be exempt from the CSU system’s English and Math placement tests (EPT and ELM**)

    * Independent and out of state colleges may vary. Check with your college of choice.  


    • Both D’s and F’s must be retaken
    • GPA = 10th and 11th only, Academic subjects only (UC and CSU guidelines)

    Credits are not relevant but GPA is important:

    2.0 is the minimum to apply to the CSU system.

    3.0 is the minimum to apply to the UC system.

    Test for College:

    10th and 11th: Practice SAT (PSAT)

    11th and 12th: SAT and/or ACT, Subject Tests

    (recommend taking SAT and ACT in 11th and retake in 12th for improved score)


    §  **Students who don’t pass EAP will need to take the EPT  and  ELM  in  senior year.


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