• Special Education

    The Recourse Specialist provides support through the Special Education Department to our students with mild disabilities. These students are able to successfully participate in all General Education courses with consultation services with the Resource Specialist. All consultations are done on a one to one basis. Every student has goals that include college preparedness as well as career planning. In addition, students are allowed accommodations when needed that may include taking tests in a quiet one on one environment. Being allowed to the student's needs in all areas are evaluated and established during the Individual Education Planning (IEP) meeting by the principal, general education teachers, Resource Specialist and parent or IEP team. 
    Every student's IEP is reviewed by the IEP team annually to review progress and develop new goals for the coming year. In addition, every three years, the IEP team meets with the school psychologist to evaluate continuing qualifications for the program.  
Last Modified on September 22, 2015