• At the end of the site visit, the WASC visiting team was very positive and have filed their report to the WASC home office.  They noted a number of strengths in their report:

    ·        Clearly stated vision, core beliefs and mission statement.

    ·        A well rounded variety of program opportunities and resources are available to students, parents and school personnel.

    ·        Students feel safe on campus.

    ·        Standards and ESLRs are an intrinsic part of what takes place in the classroom. They are posted and used by teachers and students to guide learning.

    ·        Positive language is commonly used by teachers when talking to students and not just to praise a proper response.

    ·        Staff takes pride in holding student expectations high with regards to scores on district benchmark exams in comparison to comprehensive schools.

    ·        Teachers share best practices and student achievement stories with each other in order to provide students (as a class or individuals) with confirmed opportunities for success.

    ·        Investment of teachers in student progress

    ·        All certificated campus supervision continues to enhance the school climate and safety.

    ·        The strong staff and student relationships.

    ·        The counseling services provided to students.

    ·        The comprehensive intake meeting involving of parents, student, administration and counseling improves the level of success.

    They left us with a few ideas to continue to improve as a school.  We will work with all staff members, students, and parents to review these ideas and implement them as we continue to seek self-improvement.

    While everything is positive, the process continues.  We are refining our action plan and will submit it to the WASC office by the end of March.  We look forward to being informed of the final accreditation decision by the end of this school year.

Last Modified on August 14, 2017