• When a student wants to participate in a sport they need to do the following:

     1. Pick up an athletic clearance packet from the Athletics Office. This packet includes the athlete's registration folder, physical examination form, authorization for emergency medical care, transportation permit and the Code of Ethics.

     2. Complete the athletic clearance making sure that the parent and student athlete have signed in all of the appropriate places.

     3. Go to the family physician or the Sport Clinic (contact information listed below) to obtain a physical. The physician conducting the exam must complete, sign and date the physical examination form. Athletic physicals are good for one calendar year.

     4. Return the completed athletic clearance packet to the Athletics Office as least two weeks prior to the start of tryouts for their particular sport. The packet can only be returned to the Athletics Office. A receipt will be issued to the athlete when their packet is accepted. They will need to present this receipt to their coach before they will be allowed to try out. Do not try to turn your packet into the coach or other office staff. It will not be accepted and you won't receive the necessary receipt.

     5. Meet the eligibility requirements.  Please refer to the section covering this topic.

     6. A student may not participate in tryouts or practice until he/she has been cleared by the Athletics Director. A student cannot be cleared by the Athletics Director until their completed packet is received in the Athletics Office.

     7.  Students must complete a new athletic packet every school year. For students participating in more then one sport per school year, they must complete a new authorization for emergency medical card and transportation permit for each addition sport. (Because these cards are disbursed to the coaches, we need a new set for each sport the athlete is participating in.) A student can not be cleared for another sport until we have these new cards. Students have to meet the eligibility requirements for each new sport that they participate in. 

    Contact Information:

    The Sport Clinic (Riverside Medical Clinic)

    7117 Brockton Ave.