Since Orange Grove High School is a unique place there are also unique rules and regulations that are specific to Orange Grove which students may not be familar with.  Please review these policies below. 
    1. School bags or back packs of any kind are not permitted on campus. 
    2. Students who ride skateboards to school must report directly to the office upon arrival to leave off skateboards.
    3. Students who ride a bike must bring a lock and lock up their bike on the bike rack.
    4. No outside food or drink may be brought on to campus.  Students who arrive with open containers or food will be asked to dispose of it immediately. 
    5. Once students arrive on campus they must stay on site, no matter how early they are.  Out-of-bounds areas include Adult Education and either parking lot.  Students who leave will be considered truant and will recieve disciplinary consequences.
Last Modified on September 9, 2011