Design/Project Based Education (DBE) is based on what interests and motivates the student in alignment with California State Standards.  California Standards are embedded within the projects. DBE allows students to have assignments that encompass several curricular areas while building valuable skills for life and employment.  

   In DBE, the students take ownership of their education. They research and pace themselves to achieve their objectives on time. The role of the teacher is that of a facilitator, helping guide the students through the projects.
Projects require a goal where students must search for a method, acquire skills and knowledge, accept failure and bounce back from it, and keep trying until the goal is achieved.  Students will learn through experiences.  More importantly, they will learn how to research and apply knowledge. Success is measured by the complexity of the project and the student's ability to finish it.  Projects make it possible to offer a wide variety of subjects allow students to pursue areas of personal interest.


Benefits of Design Based Education

  • Is empowering students to learn, where the instructor is a facilitator.
  • DBE makes it possible to discover one’s natural talent and personal interest.
  • DBE makes it possible to discover one’s learning personality
  • DBE projects will have a goal that is based on person’s desire to be a winner.
  • Projects will be a learning tool that is motivated by curiosity and state standards.
  • Projects will give students an opportunity to learn what motivates them.
  • Projects require a plan, which includes ways to acquire needed knowledge and skills. 
  • Projects will use  skills that it takes to be a valuable employee and student.

The Purpose of this curriculum is:

  • Learn collaboration, to work in teams
  • Learn critical thinking, take on complex problems
  • Learn oral communication skills, presentations skills
  • Cross-curricular relevance
  • Employments skills
  • Learn effective written communication
  • Learn and use technology
  • Develop citizenship, to take on civic and global issue

Last Modified on August 26, 2011
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