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    Mr. Barrera

    Grade Level/Department:

    11-12 Grade PE Room 108


    Schedule: Period 1-6 PE

    951-736-3339  Ext. 120


    University/College Attended: Cal Poly Pomona

    Degree Earned:





    Physical Education Syllabus

    Mr. Barrera 


    Welcome to our physical education class. Our Program is based upon the California physical education standards. Every student must take 2 years of  physical education and pass it, before they graduate from high school. Therefore all students will take a physical education class here at Orange Grove High school, unless they have already taken and passed it at another high school.

    Behavioral Expectations:

    To be successful in this class, students must follow three basic rules:

    ·         Follow directions the first  time given

    ·         Respect yourself, Everyone and Everything around you

    ·         No hats, hoodies or any headgear in class

    The Second rule is very important as we will be working with equipment in the weight room and outside that can cause injury if the rules are not followed. Remember the weight room is for students use so any defacing, tagging or destruction of it only hurts the other students and anything tagged on will be removed from the class.

    Consequences are consistent with the school’s discipline plan. Students will be recognized for achievement, effort, or behavior at the end of each semester.

    Academic and Physical standards:

    Students will be working in groups for many activities. Assessment is done continuously throughout the units and final assessment is individually graded. Grades will be given on participation, effort and how well you can work in groups, not on ability levels. Students are not required to dress out for PE. ATTENDANCE IS VERY IMPORTANT!

    Grading Scale:

    A - 100%-90%                                     C- 79%-70%                                    F- 59%-0%

    B- 89%-80%                                               D- 69%- 60%

    Grades will be posted weekly.  Drop grades will be used to obtain your grades.


    It is extremely important to miss as few days as possible to assure a good grade in this class. Students may request make up work from the teacher for excused absences. It is the student’s responsibility to ask for makeup work, not the teacher’s. Full Participation in this PE class will assure you of a productive, successful and enjoyable year!



    The Department of Education seeks to have every teacher certified in the area in which they are teaching. If this criteria is met, the teacher is "Highly Qualified".