•  Join the Ramirez PTSA and Support our Students

    Become a member of Ramirez PTSA.  Membership dues for the year are $7.00 per individual.  Please fill out the membership envelope making sure your child’s name is on it. Checks are payable to Ramirez PTSA. 

    Why should I become a member of the PTSA? The most important reason is to support your child, their education and the total school experience. In addition to that, you’re also supporting the local, state and national PTA and the legislation they do on behalf of children and families. Now, more than ever, having a strong voice is vital to PTA’s efforts in advocating for children’s educational needs. The more members- the stronger the voice!

    Do I have to attend meetings or take time off to volunteer? No! Although you are warmly invited to all PTSA’s General Meetings, we understand that you are busy. Joining simply means you believe in and support the PTSA’s goals and voice. We encourage showing your support to Ramirez PTSA by joining today.

    Ramirez PTSA Board
    President Maky Melsh, Vice President Yvette Hernandez, Secretatry Brenna Brown, Membership Open PositionWays and Means Natalie CliftonPrograms Cindy Vasquez, Treasurer Jacqueline Amaya, Historian Eva Orr, Auditor Nikki Regalado, Parliamentarian Brenna Brown, Volunteer Coordinator Mary Leary
    Interested in helping out? Call 951-741-2982    Email us at ramirezptsa@gmail.com



Last Modified on August 16, 2016