May 28, 2014 @ 7:00 pm

Dignified Graduation

·         Eleanor Roosevelt is building a strong tradition of dignified graduation ceremonies.

·         Rules are established to give each participating senior the respect and attention they deserve.

·         Participation is a privilege.

·         Students will be searched prior to the graduation ceremony.

·         Students or parents displaying improper conduct will be removed from the graduation ceremony.

·         Do not bring any balloons, air horns, or any other items that may distract from the ceremony.


Ticket System

·         Four tickets will be reserved and issued to each senior participating in graduation.

·         Two additional tickets may be purchased at the Mustang Student Store for $10 each which will be sold on a first come first served basis. Ticket pick up and purchases can be made on May 27th from 12:30-3:30pm and May 28th 7:30-3:30pm by students only.
·         Gates open at 5:30pm for the graduation ceremony.


Appropriate Dress

·         School dress code is enforced for the graduation ceremony. Wedges and flats only on the field for the ceremony.


·         There will be a professional photographer at graduation to capture the moment when each graduate receives his or her diploma.

General Guidelines

·         If a senior cannot attend a mandatory practice, ceremony, or event, written request from the parent must be submitted to the ASB office no later than  May 16th. Notification of approval or disapproval will be made the following week. Appropriate forms are available in the ASB office.

·         Only graduating seniors will be allowed on the field.

·         Students with unexcused absences for any mandatory practice or required ceremony may be eliminated from any remaining ceremonies, including graduation.

·         Seniors are responsible for all charges for any textbooks, library books, supplies, or athletic wear that has not been returned. Senior fees must be paid in full by May 23rd. This includes any fees incurred from the reissue of ID cards.



   Graduates should bring: Cap/Gown, keys, and ID. Graduates Should NOT bring: Cell Phone, Cameras, Electronic Devices, Purse, Handbag, and Backpacks. The graduation tassel is worn draped over the left front quarter of the cap. DO NOT DECORATE CAP/GOWN 


COMMENCEMENT May 28th Commencement exercises will begin promptly at 7:00 PM. Admission is by ticket only. Seniors will be asked to arrive no later than 5:15 PM. Students are to report to the gym and are subject to search and should be dressed appropriately. The graduation tassel is worn draped over the left front quarter of the cap. Only 2014 Graduates will be allowed in the Gym. No reserved seating and no re-entry allowed, no exceptions.


Distribution of Diplomas   Following the graduation ceremony diplomas will be distributed upon return of the cap and gown. The cap and gowns must be returned following the ceremony by 9:00pm at the gym. Graduates must have their photo ID presented at this time.


Transcript Requests

   Available in the Registrar’s office. Please provide your own stamped envelope and allow 48 hours for processing.