Class of 2015

Seniors and Parents,

With the 2014-15 school year quickly coming to an end, our focus turns to many special and important year-end events.  This letter is intended to review important details, expectations, and deadlines of upcoming senior activities.  

Eleanor Roosevelt High School would like to provide all senior students and their families with a dignified, traditional graduation ceremony. Graduation ceremony rules are established to give each participating senior the respect and attention they deserve. Students or parents displaying improper conduct will be removed from the graduation ceremony. The following items are not allowed inside the stadium gates:  No balloons, No air horns, or any other items that distract the ceremony.  These items my obstruct other parents view of the ceremony or hinder other parents from hearing the announcement of their graduates name and will not be allowed inside the stadium. 

 Four free graduation tickets are reserved for each graduating senior student and two additional tickets may be purchased at ten dollars each.  These tickets can be purchased at the Mustang Student Store, cash only.  There are no exceptions to this ticket rule limitation, this is due to the safety capacity of our stadium and is following fire code safety restrictions.  Graduation tickets will be available for pick up and purchased on the following dates and times:

  •  April 27th – May 15th  Reservation & Pre-Sale  7:30-3:30pm in the Mustang Student Store
  • May 29th Ticket Distribution from 1:00am to 3:00pm in the Cafeteria


Tickets are released to the senior student only, no parents and students must have their student ID to pick up and purchase graduation tickets. It is imperative that students turn in all textbooks and clear all obligations prior to May 29th.  Seniors with unsettled obligations or outstanding texts books will not be able to pick up or purchase their graduation tickets. Seniors will be taking their final exams on May 27th and May 28th and will be required to turn in their textbooks on or before these days. 

Seniors that have met all CNUSD graduation requirements will be participating in the commencement ceremony and are required to attend the mandatory graduation rehearsals. The rehearsal schedule is as follows:

  •  June 1st  7:40am-8:15am  Report to the Gym - Graduation Informational Meeting

 8:15am- 11:15pm Graduation practice at the Mustang Stadium

11:15-1:15pm Hypnotist Show (senior only event) (Must bring participation form to enter)

  • June 2nd  7:40-10:40am  Report to the Gym - Graduation Informational Meeting

    & Graduation practice at the Mustang Stadium

Students are advised to wear comfortable shoes and clothes, as these rehearsals will take several hours. Students that do not attend this mandatory rehearsal will not be permitted to participate in the ceremony.  Graduation caps and gowns will be distributed on May 29th  only from 1:00- 3:00pm in the cafeteria; please make sure to pick up your cap and gown.  Herff Jones will not be passing out caps and gowns at any other time.


Senior students are also invited to participate in our Senior Sunset Luau on May 22nd  from 6:00pm to 10:00pm at the JV Soccer field. Although this activity is not mandatory, it is free to all seniors. Dinner, dancing and entertainment will be provided. 


The graduation ceremony will take place on Wednesday, June 3rd at 7:00pm. Seniors are requested to arrive to the gym at 5:00pm sharp; any students that are late will not be allowed to participate. Family members are not be allowed in the gym. Students must arrive with cap, gown and tassel in hand. Alterations to cap and gowns are strictly prohibited. NO signs, purses, backpacks, cameras, beach balls, umbrellas, iPods, cameras, cell phones, or any other items that may cause a distraction during the graduation ceremony allowed. Personal items will not be protected if they are left in the gym, nor will they be permitted on the field. Students will go through a security check point prior to entering the gym and once cleared they will be allowed to put on their cap and gown and line up for the ceremony. 


Decorations and flowers are not allowed on the outside of the student’s robe or on the cap. Students that have earned a cumulative 4.0 G.P.A. or above are honored with official blue and orange chords, and students that have earned a cumulative 3.5- 3.99 are honored with blue and white chords. 3.0-3.49 are honored with orange and white cords. Honor cords can be purchased at the Student Store during regular store hours. Price for cords is $25, cash only.


Immediately following the ceremony, senior students will be led in a recessional off the field from the stadium to the campus quad area, near the clock tower in the center of our campus. Parents and families are invited to meet their graduate in the quad area for pictures and family time. By 9:00pm all Graduates must return their cap and gown back to the gym where they will also pick up any personal belongings that were checked in and their graduation diploma. Diplomas will not be distributed at any other time; cap and gown clearance is mandatory before receiving the diploma certificate.


If you have any questions regarding these or any other senior commencement activities, please contact the Activities Office or Student Store at (951) 738-2115. Our office hours are 7:30 am to 3:30pm. Thank you and congratulations to the class of 2015!


  Mrs. Tellez

Assistant Principal, Activities